John Bryant BSc MSc CEng FIMechE FEWI

Following graduate training with Amalgamated Power Engineering (now part of Rolls Royce) and with Brown Boveri (Switzerland), John spent more than thirty years in multinational companies, in the City, and in consultancy. Companies he has worked for include SKF and Babcock International. He has degrees in mechanical engineering and management studies.

At Babcock International he held responsibility for corporate planning and strategy in several divisions, including Babcock Power Engineering (Nuclear & conventional boilers), Woodhall Duckham (Steel & chemical plant) and Babcock General Engineering Group (Steel, mining, electrical & conveying equipment). This involved employment and resource planning for contracts using standard planning programs and profit projection. These divisions provided engineering, contracting, manufacturing and construction services with employment of up to 20,000 people.

As Group Economist At Babcock head office, he was involved in divisional appraisal using DCF, added value and other financial techniques, as well as strategic analysis.

International markets he has researched include energy (electricity, nuclear, coal, gas, oil, and renewables), steel, cement, chemicals, vehicles and diverse electrical and mechanical engineering products. He has worked in the City as an investment analyst and economist, and following this has continued his corporate work in a consultancy role in his own right.

Since 1995 John has held a duty to the Court or Tribunals as an expert witness, on the single or joint instructions of solicitors acting for Claimants and/or solicitors acting for Defendants. He is a Fellow of the Expert Witness Institute. He has completed training as a single joint expert (Bond Solon). His work has included assessment of loss of profits of companies, and corporate market and economic research.

PDFs of the following research publications we have produced can be downloaded by clicking on the titles.

IGCC and International Investment

A study was carried out in 2003 to research the potential for Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle plant. The study focussed on areas such as growth in world installed electricity generating capacity, production of petro-chemical products, combined cycle technology and the place of IGCC in the market. Reference was made to the multiple parameters that govern output and efficiency of IGCC, which is a complex technology. Consideration was given to the potential financial conflicts that can arise from a technology that is still maturing.

Engineering Contracting Added Value Analysis as an Aid to Dispute Resolution

In 2004 a research study was completed concerning the use of added value analysis in dispute resolution in the international engineering contracting industry. The study researched added value among a range of engineering and contracting groups, and the particular problems concerning recovery of contributions to overhead and profit lost through owner-caused delays on projects. The study highlighted the relationships between overheads, wage costs, added value, profit and turnover, and developed formulae to estimate overhead recovery, based on added value and wage costs.

We can provide consulting and expert witness services for engineering construction disputes involving litigation, arbitration or other dispute method. We are experienced in taking into account large volumes of information.

Technical areas in engineering construction disputes where we can offer expertise include financial analysis and economic research. We have experience of working in the nuclear and conventional boiler making and construction industry at corporate planning management level, involving critical path analysis and financial cost projections.