Over the years we have undertaken research on a variety of world markets, including energy, steel, chemicals and capital plant, as well as topics such as added value analysis.

The application of thermodynamic laws and principles to the discipline of economics has been a particular research interest of John Bryant. His first peer-reviewed papers were published in the journal Energy Economics in 1979 and 1982, with the second paper 'A Thermodynamic Approach to Economics' having more substance, and which generated significant interest at the time.

After a period away from the subject, he returned to research and in 2007 published a peer-reviewed paper in the International Journal of Exergy entitled 'A Thermodynamic Theory of Economics'. This paper generated a lot of interest, coinciding as it did with the advent of 'Climate Change'.

John continued the research in 2007 and 2008 with further papers. These were all of a working paper variety and exploratory in nature.

In 2009 John reformatted all his research into a coherent whole, and wrote a book on the subject, published under the VOCAT banner in both ebook and printed formats.

Access to some of the above papers can be downloaded by clicking on the titles below, and information about the book can be accessed via the Menu link to the left of this page: